Reno & Sammie
                                                                           {blue-crown conures}
This is Reno & Sammie and they are very smart. When I first got them and let them sit on my shoulder, they like to preen my hair. One day one of them pulled a little too hard and I said, "don't pull mama's hair!" They never forgot it and now they think their feathers are theie hair. When they are preening each other one will tell the other ," don't pull my hair!" They ask for sugar and kiss each other when they say it.Sammie calls me Big Mama and I don"t know where she heard it. I can tell her ,"don't you call me Big Mama when she says it and she will say, big-big-big-big mama and laughs like it is so funny. They talk to each other just like kids talking and some of their conversations are hilarious!
      Reno, the male, can distingish between slow or fast music. I can tell him to dance slow and he actually does in in slow motion. I could not believe it ,the first time he did it. They both like to dance to fast music and sing ,'DANCE-DANCE-DANCE  when they are dancing to it. They can actually talk a conversation with you and laugh at you laughing at them. They really make my life better with all their antics.
 I will tell you some more on another day.