Shirley A. Martin--owner and state licensed breeder

I breed and raise beautiful exotic birds for pets. They are hand fed from 2 wks. to give years of sweet love and affection. They are closed banded for safety of getting lost and for the security of being stolen.They make wonderful pets for all ages.My birds are fed a highly nutritious diet 0f pellets and fruits and vegetables.

                                                                      This is Reno (male) and Sammie (female). They are blue-crown conures.

These birds have avery large vocabulary and can make sentences to ask or tell you something. I can give them a new treat and they will ask me if it is good and they will not eat it until I take a bite and show them that it is good to eat. If they like it , they will tell me if  it's good  or not and tell me to get a bite. They call me big mama, which they learned on their on. This is just a little of the intelligent things they do. It would fill up a page if I went into detail with them. There is never a dull moment when their around.

                                                              This is Cuddles and Tia (peach faced lovebirds)!                                

                 This is Calypso (male) Indian Ringneck parakeet. He is a lutino. Sasha is a (female) normal green Indian Ringneck. They can talk very plain even though they don't talk as much as some of the other birds.    

 This is Kiwi (female cinnamon greencheek conure) and Ziggy (male yellow side greencheek conure). They have had some beautiful babies in the past but I think they have found out that it is much more fun to play and just hang out in the aviary, so I just have fun watching all the things they can find to get in to.

This is one of my little Sun conure babies from 2011. He is about 6 wk's old. 

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