Harley & Trixter

May 27, 2011
This is Trixter (green Quaker parakeet) He is so full of mischief. I have to put clampson all the openings to his cage. He lets himself out and then closes his door back so no one can get in his cage. He will open the finch cages and let them out. He has a friend named Harley Ray (blue front amazon) that loves and takes care of him and protects him from the other birds. One day ,I couldn't find Harley anywhere in the aviary. I looked under all the cages and anywhere else I thought he might be. Trixter had opened one of the finch cages and had shut poor Harley up in it. The finches were just flying aroun him like he wasn't even there.He looked so pitiful, but I had to laugh at the situation.

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April 18, 2011
Reno & Sammie
                                                                           {blue-crown conures}
This is Reno & Sammie and they are very smart. When I first got them and let them sit on my shoulder, they like to preen my hair. One day one of them pulled a little too hard and I said, "don't pull mama's hair!" They never forgot it and now they think their feathers are theie hair. When they are preening each other one will tell the other ," don't pull my hair!" They ask for su...
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