IN memory of Harley

This is for my beloved Blue Front Amazon. Harley, I miss you so much every day. Every time I get out a snack, I remember how you loved to get a cookie or a chip.

You never was mean or hurtful to anyone. You loved to take care of the baby birds for me and I know you would have made a great dad to some babies if you had the chance too.

I don't know why Freeway hated you and was so jealous of you...all you wanted to do was be her friend. I am so sorry that she had to hurt you to the point of death. She acts like she misses you so much now and I know she didn't really mean to hurt you.

 I will always keep you in my heart and love you always. I know you are soaring high in the clouds now and are being watched over by the angels. I love you my Harley and I will never forget you.


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